The Malmöhus Guard, a society that brings history to life

The Malmöhus guard produces many different types of performances, which vary from impressive historical tattoo's to festive scenes of Royal visits with all the splendor and grandeur we can muster. We are frequently booked for parties at castles and town halls. For every event, a unique tailor made program is arranged. The historical parade of costumes from the early 16th century is an appreciated feature. Within our extensive wardrobe are found both military and civilian costumes that enable us to portray a wide spectrum of social classes from the late Medieval to Renaissance periods. We work hard at making the costumes, weapons and other objects as authentic as possible. All our theatrical props are individually made, and typical of their era in both appearance and function.

We have the facilities to erect a Medieval Inn (The Fat Goose) with oak tables and benches. The staff costumes, the old wooden tankards, the hand beaten witten coins as well as the specially designed menus all help to create an historical experience.In olden times games and plays were popular features at fairs and other festive occasions. The Malmöhus guard has reproduced a medieval cone game and arranges tournaments, which have been widely appreciated and are very entertaining for both players and spectators alike.

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